Moses told his relative that if he went with him, whatever good the Lord would do to them, the same they would do to him. I want to address this word to those who lead people. Fathers lead their families, friends lead their friends, bosses lead their employees, ministers lead people in their ministries, etc. The good things that the Lord gives us belong not only to us. The fruits of God’s goodness are given to us so that we would share them with others; give them to those who need them. Believe, God never gives anything for anyone special. He gives us good things so that we would share them with others and fill this world with goodness.

Whoever you are, a husband, a friend, a boss, a statesman or a minister, if someone trustfully follows you, first of all know where you are heading and where you are taking him, then the good things that the Lord will give you, share with others as well.