These are golden verses: not everyone has an opportunity to receive and learn this instruction. This is one of the keys to success.

Today people come to God to receive material or financial blessing more than to worship Him and that leads to deception. But the Word of God says, “My instruction is more than silver and gold”.

The whole Bible is full of instructions how to live and act. Let’s make a decision today to live by the Word of God, the instructions He has written to us. Then the blessing of the Lord will be upon us.

The Lord’s instruction and knowledge are the greatest wealth, by gaining and keeping it we will reach much greater things than silver and gold.

The Word of God says that he who follows God, hears and follows His instruction, will receive blessings. Silver and gold are part of that blessing. By saying blessing we understand everything.

Let us listen to the Lord’s instruction, be filled with His knowledge and move forward. God bless you. Amen.