The book of Job is very profound and wise book. Job is called “blessed”, but he is the person who endured various persecutions and sufferings. He is a man who was tested and found perfect. Satan was suspicious of the man’s faithfulness, but Job proved that if a man loves God, that is eternal. He understood that if the children of God made a decision to follow the Lord, they would go to the end.

It is written in the book of Job, “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me”. It clears out that there is such a thing in this world: what you fear, come upon you. Today the specialists also state that if a man fears something, for example, a headache, he will certainly have a headache.

Fear is also faith. If a man does not believe, he will never fear. That is why you must go to church, have fellowship with believers, hear sermons. That is necessary in order to be filled with faith in God, and not to believe and wait for the wrong things. Fear destroys health. Don’t allow fear operate in your life.

If it is written in the Word of God, that what I feared, has come upon me, then it is better to fear God. Many times people do not fear to commit adultery, but fear rats, insects, many fear death. If we fear the Lord, we will not afraid of anything.

Today I advice you to have the fear of God, dread God and He will meet you. When He comes, He will bless you, because He is a loving Father.

Be blessed! Follow God. Amen.