When we find ourselves in trouble or difficulty, we should overcome it with joy and honor. When passing through difficulties, know that Jesus is coming to help you at that very moment.

Things we should do while crossing the desert:

1. Always receive a word from God.

2. Never worry about what people will say about you.

3. Do not think of the fact that it happened to you as something foreign.

4. Know that people before you have passed through such things.

5. Read more of the Bible.

6. Pray more.

7. Serve more.

8. Wait for the next train: it never comes late.

When faced with difficulties, never stop waiting for the train that will get you out: the train always arrives. When you appear in a desert, remember that you have a friend – Jesus – who helps you at any time.

Even if the storms of life are not allowing you to feel God’s presence, know that He is standing right beside you.