Here it speaks about the prayer in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit helps us in our weakness, because we do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Often, when we speak about baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, many argue and do not accept. But this is written in the Word of God and we can’t astray from Word. In reality the tongues of the Holy Spirit are a gift from the Lord. There are people who have a gift of interpretation, and when we speak in tongues, they can interpret.

Besides tongues there are also groans that can not be expressed in words. In the prophesy of Daniel it is written a hand appeared and wrote on the wall, “Mene , Mene , Tekel , Parsin”. This is very like the groans that can not be uttered. No one could interpret what was written, only Daniel understood the meaning of these words. He said, “”This is what these words mean: Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end…” (Daniel 5:26).

One word had a whole meaning. Can you imagine when you are in prayer for 30 minutes and pray in the groans of the Holy Spirit, what secrets do you communicate to God? You may think, “Why do I need to pray in the Holy Spirit?” I think God does not want Satan to know what is happening in your inner world and to attack you. The Holy Spirit knows quite well what is there inside of you and intercedes for you in groans that can not be expressed in words. These are like encoded words which rise up to the Lord. And it is written that the Lord understands what the Spirit says (see Romans 8:27).

Believe, beloved, we even do not know what we need, but the Holy Spirit knows quite well. So, do not stop to pray in the Holy Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for every one of us and God answers to our prayers and sends His help.