Webinar 19-22 May


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Dear friends!

In May, we held a webinar that was much spoken about.
During a long period of time and up until now I’ve been receiving emails with questions posed on the topics such as dreams, prophecies, last days and antichrist.

Not many people could participate in it, for some this type of format was not appropriate, and some of you learnt about it late and would like to cover the whole topic simultaneously....So we have decided to share the whole material with all those who are interested in these topics:
⁃ How to hear God?
⁃ Prophecy
⁃ The times we live in
⁃ Antichrist
⁃ Dreams and visions
⁃ Individual evangelization
⁃ Prayer and spiritual armor of God

Four consecutive days we had communication, prayer and found answers to the questions together with the participants. It was an unforgettable time.

Now you have a chance both to get answers to your questions as part of a knowledge and also in some spheres as healing.

With gladness I share with you what I know. I’ll share with you what I’ve sought and achieved.

Artur Simonyan