God’s Word tells us that Daniel prospered in the reign of both Cyrus and Darius. It does not speak about a small kingdom but about a powerful empire, where people were forced to the humbleness. The history shows, that in those days no one dared to do anything contrary to the will of the king, otherwise a severe punishment threatened. However, we also can see how much successful a human can be, even in the most difficult situations, when God is with him.

Daniel had experienced a lot of difficulties in his life, he even was thrown into the ditch with lions, but in all situations he was becoming a winner.

Beloved, it’s no matter in which kingdom or country you live, what laws or economic conditions are prevailing in your country. If the Lord is with you, then you can always find success, wherever you are. This is impossible only in case if we are inactive and just look forward to the success to be poured out on us from heaven. Look at the life of Daniel, what he sacrificed. First of all, he made a decision in his heart that he’ll never defile himself but will follow God, and then a success reached him.

If Daniel managed to be successful in such empire, which prohibited the worship of the true God, then you can achieve success in your home country as well. The Lord will give success and blessings surely, just follow Him and act as Daniel, and you’ll see your life prosper.

God bless you! Amen.