The Word of God says that God does not reject a blameless man until He fills your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Beloved! This is the will of God for your life. God hasn’t called us to reject. We are blessed when we live with the Lord.

Today many believers live rejected; they even attend classes for rejected, but do not get rid of that feeling. The reason is that they don’t know God. If they meet the Lord they will feel they are not rejected.

God does not reject, just the opposite, He builds your life until He fills your mouth with laughter and your lips with the shouts of joy. When you laugh don’t say, “I wonder why I laugh so much!” Believe, the Lord gives joy to you. Don’t think that if you are joyful today, tomorrow you will be sad. Enjoy your joyfulness!

God did not promise us joyful days but a joyful life. It is written in the Bible, “life, and have it to the full”, which is the eternal life. Believe you’ll have joyful and exciting life. Why do you have a sad life? It is because yesterday you believed to-in a sad life, you thought life did not move forward… and it would always be like that.

Walk on the ways of the Lord, and your life will be filled with joy. If you are a blameless one, you’ll not be rejected.

God bless you! Be joyful! Amen.