This is very powerful word, as it related to the last revival. We know that a great revival is expected in these last times. Every knee shall bow to the Lord. It’s written: “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the LORD….”.

A man is unable to remember what he/she does not know. When you recollect anything that you heard or knew in the past, it is remembering. Perhaps few people pay attention to us when we preach the Gospel, but the Word of God penetrates into their hearts. And there will come a time when they’ll remember and turn unto the Lord.

The Gospel is the power of God, through which every person can have salvation. And no matter whether he/she accepts the good news at that moment or does not. After all, Jesus said that faith is like a mustard seed that can grow.

Beloved, if today you preach to people and they don’t accept the message, please don’t worry, but continue implementing the command of God. The Lord said: “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Refer to Mark 16:15). We need to preach, so that when the time comes, people had to remember.

The Word of God tells us that all the kindreds of the nations shall worship beforethe Lord. It means that people will remember things they have heard once and will come to repentance.

Today you can observe how millions of people turn to the Lord in China and various countries in Africa, where heathenism and witchcraft rile over.

I came across a wonderful statistical data a few days ago, according to which the Christianity is the rapid-growing religion of nowadays. This wasn’t observed in the world ever. Every day, plenty of people devote their lives to the Christ. However, the most staggering fact is that the promise of God comes into play and the Holy Spirit comes upon every believer. If previously you could count on your fingers people baptized with the Holy Spirit in churches, then now the Holy Spirit is coming upon the whole church. Of course, sin is growing as well, but people who remember and worship the Lord multiply and become stronger.

If you remember, glorify and worship the Lord at any time, then remind others about that too. In conclusion of my word I want to give you the following appeal – remember the Lord and remind people about Him! Amen.